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On this page you'll find a variety of useful documents and utilities. There's a PDF version of the full Mitsubishi product line brochure, monitor volume up/down codes, and the RS-232 port command codes for remote control of Mitsubishi monitors.

Full Product Line PDF

 Click here to download a Full Product Line PDF brochure.

RS232 Control Codes

Models Description Control Code XLS
Current Models
LDT Monitors Monitor volume up/down codes

Models Description Control Code PDF
Current Models
LDT461V RS232c Control Codes
LDT421V2 RS232c Control Codes
MDT521S RS232c Control Codes
Discontinued Models
LDT521V RS232c Control Codes
LDT371V RS232c Control Codes
MDT321 RS232c Control Codes
LDT321V RS232c Control Codes

Mitsubishi Digital Signage Bundle Player Firmware and Software



Zip Download

Adfotain Adfotain Manager Express Software
NMP-200U 480P Player Firmware (
  480P firmware archive  
HMP-500S and HMP-505S 720P Player Firmware (
  720P firmware archive  
XMP-300 and XMP-305 1080P Player Firmware (1.4.4)
  1080P firmware archive  

Mitsubishi Digital Signage Player User Guides



PDF Download

NMP-200U 480P Player User Guide
HMP-500S and HMP-505S 720P Player User Guide
XMP-300 and XMP-305 1080P Player User Guide

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