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TypeDescriptionPart NumberMSRPImage
Digital Signage Player IAdea 720P Digital Signage PlayerHMP-505 Click to Download PDF$695
 IAdea 480P Digital Signage PlayerNMP-200U Click to Download PDF$395
 IAdea 1080P Digital Signage PlayerXMP-300 Click to Download PDF$895
Multi-Purpose Fix Mount LCD Monitor AccessoryCTM-MS2
 LCD Monitor AccessoryCTM-VESA$250
 LCD Monitor AccessoryP2642T$199
Optional Speakers LDT321V/322V LCD Monitor AccessorySP-321V Click to Download PDF$99
 MDT421S LCD Monitor AccessorySP-421S$99
 LDT421V/V2 LCD Monitor AccessorySP-421V
 LDT461V/V2 LCD Monitor AccessorySP-461V$119
 MDT521S LCD Monitor AccessorySP-521S$119
 MDT651S LCD Monitor AccessorySPI-651S$429
Optional Stand LDT322V LCD Monitor AccessoryST-322V$49
 ST-421S LCD Monitor AccessoryST-421S$59
 LDT422V LCD Monitor AccessoryST-422V$59
 LDT461V2 LCD Monitor AccessoryST-461V$49
 MDT521S LCD Monitor AccessoryST-521S$59
Transmitter Box Optional CAT5 Transmitter BoxDP-1CA5$375
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