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Accessories Cross Reference Table
TypeDescriptionPart NumberMSRPImage
Battery Pack BT-PK10R Battery PackBT-PK10R$199
 BT-PK20R Battery PackBT-PK20R$149
Ceiling Mount HC2000CM Ceiling MountHC2000CM$249
 PROJ-UCM Ceiling MountPROJ-UCM$195
 SE1CM Ceiling MountSE1CM$199
 X400CM Ceiling MountX400CM$295
 X500CM Ceiling MountX500CM$295
 XD2000CM Ceiling MountXD2000CM$299
 XL5950CM Ceiling MountXL5950CM$295
Ceiling Mount Accessory Adapter, False Ceiling Mount PP-FCAPROJ-FCA$199
 Adapter, Projector Lateral ShiftPROJ-LSA$85
 Adapter Suspension Pole 24" - 46" AST-2446PROJ-SA$229
Front Projection Screen Nuvu Foldable Projector ScreenSC-9930 Click to Download PDF$199
Hard Shell Projector Case Rolling CaseDKT1-ATAC Click to Download PDF$379
 Rolling CaseXD10-ATAC$379
 Rolling CaseXD2000-ATAC Click to Download PDF$489
 Rolling CaseXH50-ATAC Click to Download PDF$389
 Rolling CaseXL5950-ATAC Click to Download PDF$475
LCD Monitor Accessory Multi-Purpose Fix Mount for LCD MonitorsCTM-VESA$250
 LDT321V SpeakersSP-321V$99
 LDT371V SpeakersSP-371V Click to Download PDF$99
 LDT421V SpeakersSP-421V$119
 MDT321S SpeakersSPKR-SFL-32 Click to Download PDF$489
 MDT402S SpeakersSPKR-SFL-40 Click to Download PDF$489
 MDT461S SpeakersSPKR-SFL-46 Click to Download PDF$489
Miscellaneous IR wall module control system
(white back light)
PXE-DCM Click to Download PDF$279
 IR wall module control system
(amber back light)
PXE-DCM-Amber Click to Download PDF$299
 IR wall module control system
(blue back light)
PXE-DCM-Blue Click to Download PDF$299
 IR wall module control system
(green back light)
PXE-DCM-Green Click to Download PDF$299
 IR wall module control system
(red back light)
PXE-DCM-Red Click to Download PDF$299
 Cable: Component Video D-Sub 15 to RCAVGA-RCA3$45
Optional Lens Short Throw Snap-On Adaptor 0.8xISCO-WIDE08X$1695
 Short Throw Fix on AXIS 0.8OL-X500FR Click to Download PDF$3295
 Long Throw Zoom Ratio 2.4-3.3OL-X500LZ Click to Download PDF$2895
 Short Throw Zoom Ratio 1.3-1.6OL-X500SZ Click to Download PDF$3295
 Long Throw Zoom Ratio 3.4-5.2OL-X500TZ Click to Download PDF$2895
 Fixed Focal Length 0.8OL-XD2000FR Click to Download PDF$2695
 Long Throw Zoom Lens 2.2-2.9OL-XD2000LZ Click to Download PDF$2495
 Short Throw Zoom Lens 1.3-1.9OL-XD2000SZ Click to Download PDF$2795
 Tele Zoom Lens 2.9-4.7OL-XD2000TZ Click to Download PDF$3095
 Short Throw Zoom Ratio 1.39-1.8OL-XL30SZ Click to Download PDF$2395
 Super Long Throw Zoom Ratio 4.1-5.7OL-XL30TZ Click to Download PDF$2595
 Telephoto with 2-16727 Mounting KitSST120-KIT$1099
 Short Throw with 2-16727 Mounting KitSSW08-KIT$1099
Remote Control HC2000REM Remote ControlHC2000REM$99
 HC3000REM Remote ControlHC3000REM$39.99
 R-SC1 Remote ControlR-SC1$99
 RM-PK10C Remote ControlRM-PK10C$39
 RM-PK10C Remote ControlRM-PK10C$39
 RM-PK10C Remote ControlRM-PK10C$39
 X500REM Remote ControlX500REM$139
 XD110REM Remote ControlXD110REM$49
 XD2000REM Remote ControlXD2000REM$69
 XD200REM Remote ControlXD200REM$129
 XD205REM Remote ControlXD205REM$49
 XD460REM Remote ControlXD460REM$69
 XD50REM Remote ControlXD50REM$99
 XD70REM Remote ControlXD70REM$139
 XL1REM Remote ControlXL1REM$129
 XL30REM Remote ControlXL30REM$99
 XL5950REM Remote ControlXL5950REM$89
Replacement Lamp 499B011-10 Replacement Lamp499B011-10$445
 VLT-D2010LP Replacement LampVLT-D2010LP$495
 VLT-EX100LP Replacement LampVLT-EX100LP$495
 VLT-HC100LP Replacement LampVLT-HC100LP$295
 VLT-HC2LP Replacement LampVLT-HC2LP$329
 VLT-HC3LP Replacement LampVLT-HC3LP$379
 HC5000(BL) Replacement lampVLT-HC5000LP$459
 VLT-HC900LP Replacement LampVLT-HC900LP$299
 VLT-HC910LP Replacement LampVLT-HC910LP$395
 VLT-PX1LP Replacement LampVLT-PX1LP$499
 SD105U Replacement LampVLT-SD105LP$239
 VLT-SE1LP Replacement LampVLT-SE1LP$249
 VLT-SE2LP Replacement LampVLT-SE2LP$349
 VLT-SL6LP Replacement LampVLT-SL6LP$475
 VLT-X10LP Replacement LampVLT-X10LP$475
 VLT-X200LP Replacement LampVLT-X200LP$499
 VLT-X300LP Replacement LampVLT-X300LP$499
 VLT-X30LP Replacement LampVLT-X30LP$549
 VLT-X400LP Replacement LampVLT-X400LP$499
 VLT-X500LP Replacement LampVLT-X500LP$495
 VLT-X70LP Replacement LampVLT-X70LP$499
 VLT-XD110LP Replacement LampVLT-XD110LP$245
 VLT-XD2000LP Replacement LampVLT-XD2000LP$495
 VLT-XD200LP Replacement LampVLT-XD200LP$475
 VLT-XD205LP Replacement LampVLT-XD205LP$245
 XD206U Replacement LampVLT-XD206LP$295
 VLT-XD20LP Replacement LampVLT-XD20LP$350
 VLT-XD300LP Replacement LampVLT-XD300LP$495
 VLT-XD350LP Replacement LampVLT-XD350LP$495
 VLT-XD400LP Replacement LampVLT-XD400LP$495
 VLT-XD430LP Replacement LampVLT-XD430LP$449
 VLT-XD50LP Replacement LampVLT-XD50LP$475
 VLT-XD70LP Replacement LampVLT-XD70LP$425
 VLT-XD80LP Replacement LampVLT-XD80LP$495
 XD90U Replacement LampVLT-XD90LP$479
 VLT-XL1LP Replacement LampVLT-XL1LP$499
 VLT-XL2LP Replacement LampVLT-XL2LP$495
 VLT-XL30LP Replacement LampVLT-XL30LP$499
 XL550U Replacement LampVLT-XL550LP$459
 XL550U Replacement LampVLT-XL550LP$459
 VLT-XL5950LP Replacement LampVLT-XL5950LP$495
 VLT-XL5LP Replacement LampVLT-XL5LP$495
 XL650U Replacement LampVLT-XL650LP$425
 VLT-XL8LP Replacement LampVLT-XL8LP$495
 VLT-X120L9 Replacement LampVLTX120L9$445
Soft Projector Case Carrying Case772P043010$19.99
 Rolling CaseDKT1-SRCC Click to Download PDF$195
 Carrying CaseXL1-SSCC$129
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