Mitsubishi Organization Projectors

Mitsubishi has a projector to fit organizations of all sizes and all types. Whether you are a membership group or charitable foundation, there is a Mitsubishi projector to help communicate your message to your audience.

Projectors that accommodate your budget and travels

Mitsubishi microportable projectors are the perfect choice to make a big impact with your small organization, or to take your cause on the road. Pack up and take your projector with you to project bright, clear images, even in rooms with lots of ambient light, mobile facilities, or where you need to keep the lights up for note taking.

High quality projectors to fit small or large rooms

Looking for an affordable projector that still reaches the heights of brightness and contrast performance? Mitsubishi ultraportables can do that. These projectors are perfect for small to medium sized rooms or training facilities. You can use them as a portable or mount them permanently.

Big brighter presentations for captivating presentations

As you grow you may want to move up to Mitsubishi's widescreen professional models. Mostly ceiling installed, these projectors assist in bringing your message to a new level in medium to large spaces. You'll see a new level of performance for this projector category too, with brightness and contrast that used to be available only in larger, more expensive models.

Make an impact in auditoriums, gymnasiums, or large meeting venues

When you're ready to reach the masses, grab attention in the largest venues with our top-of-the-line professional installation projectors. Precise, life-like color from our Natural Color MatrixTM will fill your screen. Plus, A/V and IT professionals will find the imaging, control, and network connection options they're looking for. These projectors offer a choice of optional lenses and the interfaces you need to connect to your local area network and a variety of data, video, and other input sources.

Anti-theft and Password Security

Theft isn't a pleasant subject, but it is a reality. We include anti-theft and security features in many portable and installation projectors to help you meet the challenge of protecting your assets.

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