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Mitsubishi Express Monitor Onsite Service (MEMOS)

The MEMOS Warranty program provides high standard of service excellence. Mitsubishi LCD monitor users are entitled to a comprehensive set of support services:

  • Toll-free 24x7 technical support access
  • 3-years parts and labor warranty
  • Onsite warranty repairs and service availability

Program Guidelines

  • LCD monitor registration is required to activate and validate the MEMOS Warranty program. Registration is required via email.
  • Email to
  • Indicate in email subject line: Warranty Registration
  • Include the following in the body of email: Reseller Names, Date of Purchase, Model Number and Serial Number
  • If a monitor fails within the first 30 days of delivery, regular DOA procedures will apply and replacement units may be sent instead of onsite service
  • Proof of purchase or dated invoice with model and serial number information will be required for all service transactions to be initiated
  • All terms and conditions of Mitsubishi Monitor Warranty still apply, please review the warranty statement for more details
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Express Replacement Assistance

Mitsubishi's Express Replacement (ERA) is a next business day replacement unit program designed to provide users of Mitsubishi projectors the peace of mind that comes with our commitment to offering high quality projector products. In the unlikely event that your projector should not operate properly, it is very reassuring to know that a team of knowledgeable technical support professionals is always a phone call away. Should a replacement projector become necessary, Mitsubishi's ERA program ensures that a working replacement unit is shipped to you within 24 hours after warranty verification for overnight, next business day delivery (when and where available), thus allowing you to continue with your business with minimal interruption.

Duration and Eligibility

Mitsubishi's three-year ERA program for XGA models and two-year ERA program for all other models except Home Theater projectors runs concurrently with the three-year warranty that is standard with your Mitsubishi projector. This program is offered free of charge to end-user customers within the United States on select Mitsubishi projector high-end models. For a list of Mitsubishi projectors that include the ERA program, please call our toll-free Product Information Hot Line at 888-307-0309.

Program Procedures and Guidelines

When technical support is needed, immediately call our toll-free technical support hotline at 888-307-0309.

Mitsubishi's technical support will work to resolve your problem over the phone. Should a replacement unit become necessary, you will be required to provide the serial number of your projector and its proof-of-purchase to show the effective date of your warranty. A copy of an invoice for the specific projector you are calling about would be sufficient.

During the processing of the replacement paperwork, please be reminded that Mitsubishi is arranging to ship you a unit that is second to your purchased unit. Therefore, in order to minimize our exposure to losses, Mitsubishi will be requiring a credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express) or a company purchase order as security collateral to ensure the prompt return of the defective unit in good condition.

Below are conditions and corresponding charges that will cause Mitsubishi to bill your credit card or issue an invoice against your purchase order:

  • An amount equivalent to your purchase price of the projector shown in your proof-of-purchase will be charged if the defective unit was not returned and received by Mitsubishi within 15 days from the day Mitsubishi sends out its replacement.
  • In the absence of a purchase price on your proof-of-purchase, the full manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) will be charged where applicable.
  • An amount equal to the cost of repairs will be charged for any required repairs not covered by warranty. Please refer to the Mitsubishi Limited Warranty for Business-Use Data Projectors.
  • An amount no more than Mitsubishi's shipping and handling cost of issuing your replacement will be charged if the unit you returned is found to be in good working condition.

Download Projector Limited Warranty Statement (PDF)
Download PocketProjector™ Warranty Statement (PDF)
Download LCD Monitor Warranty Statement (PDF)


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