Mitsubishi HD Projectors

These projectors are optimized for the home theater enthusiast. They can bring a high-definition entertainment experience to your home in native 16:9 format, with quiet operation suited to home theaters.

Our home cinema projectors include models for dedicated spaces or for those whose projector screen is in a space that doubles as family, multimedia rooms, or living rooms. You can mount them with a permanent ceiling or wall bracket or sit them on a tabletop.

Surprisingly affordable, these HD projectors are increasing in color and image performance, but decreasing the cost of entry to home theater to within reach of even budget-conscious consumers.

Displaying in WXGA, widescreen resolution, our true HD projectors are aimed at the professional presenter. The HD4000U or WD2000U can easily double as a great home entertainment projector as well.

Though these HD projectors are on the cutting edge of display technology, they also aim to be one of the lowest-price widescreen professional home cinema projectors on the market.

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