Mitsubishi Crossover Projectors

Cutting edge designs. Amazing quality and performance. Mitsubishi brings you crossover models of award-winning DLP projectors, for a captivating theater experience in your family room, living room, or home entertainment room without the expense of a dedicated home theater.

WXGA Projectors that work by day and play at night

Maximum efficiency and utilization is the concept around our line of crossover projectors. These widescreen WXGA projectors are hard working presentations tool by day, and fabulous make-shift home theater projectors come nightfall. These DLP projectors are designed to be full HD-compatible up to 720P native and support popular WXGA widescreen resolution from computer or video sources installed in your office or your family room. They display images that are visually comparable to those put out by units with much higher specs and costs, making them truly high-performance multimedia projectors.

See for yourself

You have witnessed the growing popularity of WXGA resolution or widescreen format in both computers and video, so Mitsubishi Digital Electronics invites you to sample our award winning line of widescreen multimedia projectors for your conference room or adhoc home theater.   We have WXGA projectors that are perfect for watching movies or sports programs, engage in total-immersion gaming, or simply lounge into a big screen web-surfing, and other multimedia applications.  With our crossover multimedia projectors, you can experience the world of big screen entertainment whether it is for your home theater or your office conference room.

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