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Usage Guidelines

The three-diamond mark, the words 'Mitsubishi Electric' and the Company Statements, "Presentation Products" and "Presentation Products Revolutionizing Color" in its current format is used as the corporate brand identifier.

All four are to be treated as one graphic element. Therefore, do not use the three-diamond mark alone, nor replace the name Mitsubishi Electric with a group company name. Note, the three-diamond trademark is a common group asset.

Because improper use of the trademark could greatly inconvenience member companies, you should be sure to abide by the following standards with regard to trademark use:

  • Do not use as a pattern or design.
  • Do not superimpose on other letters or symbols.
  • Use as is. Alterations and modifications are impermissible.
  • All three diamonds must be the same color.
  • Red color: PMS 485 or Munsell 7.5R 4/15.

Company Logos

Image Type Image
High Resolution
Company Logo
Natural Color Matrix™
Logo with Revolutionizing Color
sRGB Logo
ERA Logo
3-Year Warranty Logo

Instructions on importing logo into an Microsoft Office application (Word or Powerpoint):

1. Select Insert - Object
2. Create New - Highlight Adobe Illustrator Artwork
3. Create from File - Browse to the location of the .eps file you previously unzipped and saved. Select the file and click Insert.
4. Click OK

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